Get Inspired…for greater well being (Imagine…)


Todd Thrash and colleagues at the College of William and Mary have found that inspiration leads to increased well-being. Their research showed that the effect does not flow in the opposite direction: well being does not lead to inspiration. This shows a causal effect: inspiration causes well being. Why?  It appear that inspiration makes us feel more grateful and gives us a higher sense of purpose, and then gratitude and purpose make us feel greater well-being.    From Positive Psychology News Daily:  Which comes first: the inspiration or the well being? Feb 27.10

       An apple a day may be good for the body, but an inspiration a day will help increase our mental and emotional health, especially if we give imaginal attention to it. That means we pause to really see a beautiful image, feel a pet’s fur as we stroke it, breathe in deeply an aroma that lifts us, feel the lightning effect of something witty. We pause to “inspire” – literally, breathe in. More great research on the ways intentional imagining can lift us out of anxiety or depression can be found at

      Please share something that inspires YOU!

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  • I agree. The feeling that comes from a moment of inspiration is intoxicating and by following that inspired thought through to action I’ve found you keep that feeling alive within yourself. That inspiration must come from somewhere beyond us to feel so good and this can only be good for your being as a whole. We must at least try to do what it is that makes us FEEL good as we dont have long in this particualr life now do we! Inspiration is what we all seek, but we must keep our minds and hearts open to be aware of those moments.

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