Listen to the Birds

       Birds sing and chatter outside my windows at all hours lately.  Is it just that I don’t sleep as soundly as I get older? Whatever the reason, I seem compelled to slow down to hear them…and they speak of many things. Life and hopes, camaraderie and merriment, adventures and successes…
       Birds have long been seen as messengers from the world of the spirits, or the many dimensions of awareness and subtle energy. They can also be messengers from our inner world, as are dreams and imaginings. This is the original meaning of “omen”: a sign that is there for us, IF we take time to notice it and open our mind to reflect on it.
      An omen can only portend – foretell, what someone is aware of somewhere in their consciousness, often below the surface, until we invite it up by giving it our attention.
      What is a bird mentioning to you today?   (mention=bring to ‘mens’, mind)

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