May Pole Dance

May PoleMay brings us many images of natural beauty: the earth abounds with flowers, birds, new life.
The web of Life is often complex, with so many strands to weave together – balancing work and family, children and spouse, productivity and leisure time, social time and solitude – not to mention all the inner aspects of ourselves!
How can we balance and weave together all these and other aspects of our lives?

A perfect image for this is the Maypole Dance, in which dancers holding ribbons circle back and forth around a central pole, resulting in a beautiful web of colors around the pole. This dance commonly took place in old England and may have arisen from an ancient Germanic fertility ritual (see Wikipedia).  It may have been the weaving of a good luck charm around a phallic center, helping to ensure fertility in fields and families. Dancers and spectators commonly wear garlands of flowers woven into circles to adorn their heads. What a great image for weaving together the many ideas that spring into our imaginations!

Let’s enrich ourselves by honoring them and seeing how they can fit together to bring new possibilities into our homes and careers…

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